Sunday, August 3, 2014

Urban Tadka - Terrey Hills

Glamour and grandeur, these are words synonymous with the Indian restaurant I visited recently. These are also qualities you expect from an award winning restaurant. Urban Tadka is not only an Indian restaurant that serves authentic Indian cuisine, but it also creates an envelope of warm and relaxed atmosphere that makes your dining experience memorable. The sheer size of the restaurant combined with the tranquil location of Terrey Hills, provides a resort style experience.

Celebrating our friends anniversary, we were looking for a place that was high on hospitality and Urban Tadka definitely rose beyond our expectations.

Looking at the restaurant getting packed quickly, we wasted no time in ordering starters.

The poppadums served with a mint chutney were crunchy and a great accompaniment to the drinks while we waited for our entrees to arrive.

The Urban Tadka mixed sampler had a variety of Indian style street food tapas. The Samosa, deep fried pastry with a savoury potato filling was hot, crispy and flavourful. The deep fried veg croquets made up of onions, spinach and mix vegetables simply melted in your mouth and were packed with spices. The Lakhnawi Seekh kebabs were a blend of chicken and lamb mince mixed with herbs and rolled on skewers to provide you with a finger licking dish. The best on the platter was the Murg Tikka. These delicately cooked boneless pieces of chicken were soft, tender and was loaded with phenomenal flavours.

The dishes also had eye catching names. Patiala ka Murg Saag, tender pieces of chicken cooked with fenugreek and spinach was rich and nourishing. The thick gravy was both silky and mildly spiced up with the chicken cooked perfectly.

Another striking dish was the Rajasthani Lamb do Piaza. Slow cooked lamb was generously spiced, glossy, red hued and embodied with pronounced flavours. This was a sinfully spicy and delectable dish. Loved it.

To balance out the bold flavours from the other mains was the sweet and creamy Daal Makhni. Black lentils with Kidney beans are cooked slowly overnight with fresh and exotic ingredients that includes tomatoes, ginger, garlic and onions. The slow cooking ensured that the marriage of flavours lasts until it is devoured by its patrons.

My stomach was full but that one compartment was still craving for desserts.

The Kulfi's (homemade Indian Ice-cream but more dense and creamier), Rose and Pistachio flavoured kulfi's, both were able to satisfy my cravings. The rich and creamy texture will have you coming back for more.

In winter a warm dessert just feels right. The Gulab Jamun, a sweet dumpling that was flavoured in a warm honey and rose syrup was simply divine.

No wonder it recently won the best Australian Indian restaurant award.

Urban Tadka

321 Mona Vale Road
Terrey Hills NSW 2084

Tel No: +61 2 9986 1040

Website for more info: Urban Tadka

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