Friday, April 25, 2014

Excelsior Jones, Ashfield

It was Easter Monday, the last day to laze out and the final day to relax before we were back to the grind. A forty minutes waiting time was not something I was looking out for, but thanks to the awesome company of my friends, I survived.

The best part about the ambience was the amount of light that illuminated the whole cafe. Situated at the juncture of two streets, the cafe designing has been clever and remarkable. The open kitchen also gives a great insight into the delicious food being cooked in front of our eyes.

After handling the heat outside, the milkshakes are a healthy way of cooling you down. The 'Jaffa' or the 'Cherry Ripe", both are yummy and can be served in two different sizes. We ordered the kid size and were served the milkshakes in paper cups; Something I wasn't really pleased about.

After quenching my thirst, I moved on to satiating my hunger. At the table we shared four different dishes.

One of their most popular dishes is the 'House Smoked Salmon Hash'. Petite golden brown potato pieces are pan-fried with the healthy buckwheat and served with fresh herbs and shallots. The poached egg sits right in the middle of the dish. On the first crack it spills enigmatically and mingles with the smoked salmon and other delights on the plate to recreate a marriage of flavours.

The 'Roasted lamb sandwich' had the makings of an inspiring dish but slightly missed the mark. The watercress added the peppery and tangy flavours to the sandwich. The eggplant chutney, although delicious would have worked well if it was a touch less cold. The spiced yogurt lacked the spice for me. On the other hand, the thinly sliced lamb melted in your mouth.

A vegetarians delight is the 'Roast cauliflower and carrot sandwich'.  The sandwich is served on soy quinoa bed with wilted spinach, the Middle Eastern za'atar (a blend of thyme, sesame and seasalt) and is packed with labneh. If you are looking for something healthy, organic, refreshing and light, go for this dish.

How can a meal be complete without the ecstatic effects of sugar. 'Ricotta hotcakes' did fill in this place for us. However, after trying different versions of the Ricotta hotcakes at other Sydney cafe's, I was a touch disappointed. The spiced fruits included the rhubarb and red grapes.While the red grapes were delicious, the rhubarb didn't appear to be rightly spiced and was overpowering the true essence of the dish.The pistachio praline and yogurt were good accompaniments.

Excelsior Jones uses the Five Senses coffee beans. The coffee at the end was soothing and a great finale before we whispered, "a fond adieu".

Overall, the cafe has some great options for vegetarians. For the locals from Ashfield and Hurlstone Park, its the place to celebrate.

Excelsior Jones

139A Queen St
Ashfield NSW 2131

Tel No: +61 2 9799 3240

Website for more info: Excelsior Jones

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