Friday, April 18, 2014

Mama's Wok - Rhodes

Do you want to enjoy a quick bite before you stroll to Reading Cinemas at Rhodes? Are you looking for a restaurant that offers you fast service and flavoursome Asian food? Mama's Wok fits the bill perfectly.

Mama's Wok is a new, up and trendy restaurant inspired by the simplicity and charm of Southern China whilst combing modern essentials in both it's decor and cooking. 

It is a restaurant with great potential, however there is a long road ahead. It has only been a couple of weeks since this eatery started operating, but the tremendous and unexpected response it has received from its newly found patrons has left it in a vulnerable state. Lack of menu cards, the under-pressure staff, the high prices and haphazard management are some minor things that the restaurant still needs to work upon.

The verdict on the food?

We ordered a couple of dishes on the waiters suggestion.

The first dish to arrive was the 'sizzling spicy calamari'. Served on a hot plate, the dish had a great combination of flavours derived from the juiciness of green capsicum, acidity of onions and the mild and sweet flavours of the calamari. Serving seafood on a hot plate can have some disadvantages as some of the calamari pieces were overcooked. A minor flaw in an otherwise exciting dish.

The second dish was the Chef's speciality, the 'deep fried crispy chicken' with shallots and soy sauce. This was one of the most amazing Asian Chicken dishes I've ever had. The chicken simply melted in your mouth and the crackling sound from every crispy chicken skin bite was undeniably awe inspiring. Highly recommended!!

The final dish was the 'Turnip Pastry'. Tasty, flaky, hot and savoury. These deep fried, light and puffy pastries sprinkled with sesame seeds and served with a sweet chilli sauce were delicious.

Final Verdict: A huge menu, generous servings, slightly overpriced and some tasty dishes. So, worth a try.

Mama's Wok

Shop 47, 1 Rider Boulevard
Rhodes NSW 2138

Tel No: +61 2 8765 9668

Website for more info: Mama's Wok

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